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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Geometry makes the world go elliptical

After yesterday's little attempt to measure the largest electricity consumers in the world, today we are tackling something serious.

Here is a formula for describing the moving of an object along a circular path. Looks complicated, doesn't it? Does math always have to complicate life?

Apparently it does.

But my blog doesn't.

I was just kidding about the hard work (for you). I have been learning how to create animations, and the subject I chose to investigate was non-circular gears.

(I know, GET A LIFE. Yes, I have heard that before...)

What do I mean by non-circular gears?

Hear are a couple of square ones for you to ponder.

But there are many other wackier variations. Gears don't have to be round.

These are courtesy of Wikipedia.

create animated gif

create animated gif

The question WHY? may have come to your mind.

Just because we can, is the answer.

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