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Monday, December 7, 2009

Take A Number

Have you heard this phrase before? It usually means WAIT YOUR TURN, rather than Here, help yourself to a pleasing number!

This is your lucky day. Take a number that pleases you. 

This is my total assortment of numbers on my Mac publishing machine.

All of these are shown in 18 point type. They are not emboldened or italicized or modified in any way. Please choose a favorite: (click on each image for a larger version)


Isn't it remarkable? Notice how although these numbers vary in height, width, outline, boldness, etc., they are still able to convey their messages of value.

Do you prefer numbers that reflect your interests?  Cowboy Lasso and We Are Aliens come to mind. Can you find them?

Which is your favorite? On what basis do you make a choice? Is it totally subjective?

Is it related to size (Look how BIG my number is) or discretion (notice how subtle and sophisticated my number is)?

You may be interested to know that 4 clever Australians have been granted a patent for a process to programmatically select a font based on the context in which it will be used. It parses through text that is associated with an illustration and then chooses the best selection from a library of fonts.

Here's the example from the patent document, showing how hyperlinks are converted to more interesting fonts - you could do the same by manually selecting each font but it would be lots of work.

Let's finish with a quiz - do you know which font this is?