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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More than infinite, Part II

Here we are again, checking images on my Mac at work. I'm trying to get closer to infinity, (which is not a number, by the way, but a concept).

When I look for these file types, I find:

jpg files = 113,021
gif files = 2,936
png = 991
tiff = 445
bmp = 208
eps = 195,881  (my favorite) clip art
graphics total = 313,482!

Anyway you look at it, that's a lot of artwork. But as my clip art license insisted that there were 750,000 images on the 35 discs in the package, I must not have loaded all of them.

Going on with the census,

pdf = 31,843
html = 7495
music = 7159
movies = 511
doc = 594 + 111 (.pages)
xls = 227
applications = 189 (90% are from Apple)
xml = 180
txt = 165
presentations = 23

You should be able to tell from these statistics that I am a publisher, not an accountant, or software developer. And if I am ever going to get things cleaned up on my computers, I'll have to call in some experienced helpers to do the work:

While I am at the pool! Tomorrow we have the day off, so see you Friday.

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