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Friday, August 7, 2009

Why learn Math? I've got a calculator ...

Ask your calculator how much bark you need to cover the back garden. Can it tell you?

Enter this into a spreadsheet: will a 650 x 32 tire will fit on your 26 inch mountain bike rim?

Can you determine if you have enough fabric to make a costume by counting on your fingers?

Should I have a medical test, or am I more likely to harm myself by testing than by getting a disease?

Are three 6-oz. cans of tomato sauce enough to make marinara sauce for 20 people?

Is .02 cents per kilobyte of data to my mobile phone a good deal, or will I go broke in a week downloading my favorite television shows?

No matter how computerized we get, we still need to think mathematically.

I know I am a bit of a nerd but that's how I think. What do you think?

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