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Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying to be a farmer

It's harvest time ... plants are producing far more than we can eat ... come over and take some home!

Have you been lucky enough to hear that kind of talk? Some of us who live in the city don't hear it often, although we might have family with squash, or tomatoes, or (in our area) citrus or avocados.

Today I want to celebrate tomatoes, because this summer we're trying to be farmers. Even if we do have to plant in bins to protect our crops from the gophers, we are enjoying our bounty. We bought seeds from a seed library with heritage varieties from 50-100 years ago. Here are some on my cutting board.

Here are some more (not ours).

and more

and more.

This photo shows I'm in the midst of making Jamie Oliver's Mothership Tomato Salad Recipe. I used to think tomatoes were boring but now I love them. We are very fortunate to be living where we can grow them OR if we don't grow them, the prices aren't too high.

Here comes the token Friday blog math:

There are between 7500-10,000 varieties of tomatoes.
The heaviest tomato weighed almost 8 lbs.
The largest tomato plant was at Epcot Center in Florida and produced 32,000 tomatoes in 13 months!
The amount you can spend buying seeds is infinite!

Take a look here... and if you have 2 minutes you can watch a video about the place we got our seeds. Or buy some seeds from them. And have a nice salad!