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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wearing many hats, Part I

All of us play a variety of roles in life - we are students, employees, parents, children, hobbyists, athletes, etc. When we do lots of different things, we use a phrase "wearing many hats." We're not talking about this phrase today. We're talking about real hats. HATS.

I read that the Queen of England has worn more than 5000 hats in her reign. Even though she's been Queen for nearly 60 years, that's a lot of hats! More than Dr. Seuss and his book "The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins".

We have a veritable boatload of hats in our house. We live in Southern California where you normally don't need to have a hat to stay warm, you need it to stay cool.  But we have winter caps as well as summer sun hats.  My wife guessed 80 when I asked her how many we had. Then we got them all out and counted.

 We found:
  • 43 baseball caps
  • 6 winter caps
  • 3 dress hats
  • 5 woven sun hats
  • 4 bucket-type hats
  • 6 rain hats
  • 3 driving caps 
  • 2 bicycle helmets

Tomorrow we will look at these hats in other ways, and see how elementary math, statistics, graphs and charts can help us understand the census of hats.

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