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Monday, March 14, 2011

Time and Time Again

We had to reset our clocks yesterday for Daylight Savings Time. As always, people showed up late to church, having forgotten to "Spring Ahead".

Resetting the time is not a big deal if you have a wind-up wrist-watch. We teach kids how to read a clock in elementary math class - although now that I think of it we don't teach them to SET a clock or watch.

It's normally no problem at all if you use the clock in your mobile phone. Someone else in telephone land has to make the decision to jump forward an hour at 2 am on Sunday morning. If they remember, you are fine, and if they forget, you can't do anything about it.

It's more of a problem in a car. I have several cars and I can't remember how to set the clocks in each. In fact, in two of our cars I have both a clock in the radio and a clock on the dashboard. They are set in different ways, but we still like them to both be on the same time.

The Honda's clock resets like this: The word Clock appears in tiny letters above the 6 button (I have made them yellow for visibility). Tiny H, M, and R letters are below the 4, 5 and 6 buttons. Hold down the button above Clock and then press the 4 and 5 buttons to change the hours and minutes. I don't know what the Reset button does.

The Volvo's clock resets like this: Turn the highlighted knob left and right to set the clock forward or back. Easy, once you remember how to do it!

These are relatively simple. Things get slightly more difficult as we go into the kitchen and have to reset clocks on the stove, microwave and coffee-maker. Here's the stove:

Press and hold the minus (-) button. After 4-5 secs the clock will reset itself allowing you to adjust the time. First select the 12/24 hr setting using the +/- button, then press the 'step' button, then adjust the time itself using the +/- button. When the correct time is displayed press the 'step' button again.  Easy!

Finally I made it back to the bedroom and the watch cabinet.

 I started with the Breitling Aerospace. Thanks to the Internet ... I got it reset.

I don't care if all our watches are set today. When I need them, I will wind and set them. I have already used up the entire hour I gained this morning!

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