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Saturday, January 21, 2012

An early morning math diary


2:41 AM  Playful cat wakes me up. I get up, carry him to the kitchen, and lock him in. Then go back to sleep.

6:31 AM Aircraft begin to fly over our house, starting with CO 1293 at 6:31 AM. I hear the first one, then go back to sleep, while in the meantime, these flights leave (according to SD Airport's website):

DL 4706 6:32 AM 
DL 978 6:33 AM 
UE 5325 6:34 AM 
AA 1592 6:35 AM 
AA 3081 6:35 AM 
US 150 6:37 AM 
US 81 6:39 AM 

I dream about a yellow Corvette Z06 I saw yesterday, driving home from work.

US Flight 3 at 6:44 AM takes off quietly.

6:49 AM Sunrise, although the heavy cloud cover makes it impossible to see, except by passengers on the departing aircraft. I continue to slumber.

AS 493 6:53 AM 
DL 1864 6:55 AM 

7:01 AM I awake and stumble out to the kitchen, free the cat, go out the front door. I walk 80 feet to the sidewalk and pick up my newspaper for Saturday, January 21, 2012. It's number 37,830 since the paper began. If you want to subscribe, you can call 1-800-628-8088 (in the USA).

7:04 AM The thermostat tells me it's 62º F in the hallway. Brr. I switch on the heater and it starts to warm the house towards the regulated temperature of 68º F.

7:05 AM I grab the silver MacBook 5,1 (#W891870Z8QR) laptop and begin this diary.

AS 573 7:10 AM 
DL 1592 7:11 AM 
DL 210 7:15 AM 
WN 3942 7:17 AM 
WN 841 7:18 AM 
WN 1050 7:20 AM  etc.

7:21 AM I hear water running. Either someone else is up, or the toilet valve in the back bathroom toilet leaks and it's running by itself.

7:25 AM My wife comes in and says the toilet is leaking. I add a new chore to today's list of things to accomplish.

7:31 AM I look out the window and it's raining outside, or very heavily misting. I check the local weather report from our weather madman a few blocks away - at 7:30 AM, 219 feet above sea level:

Temperature  52.1º F
Humidity       94.5%
Barometric Pressure 30.05 millibars
Wind speed       0
Light misting rain Rainfall rate 1/10th of an inch
Visibility           1 mile
Clouds overhead 700 feet

7:45 AM  I decide I need some more art in this blog. I grab my camera, ask the cat to pose, and take two photos.

7:46 AM I download the 46 photos that were on my camera, select the last two of the cat, and edit them.

7:50 AM I remember that the rainfall rate was expressed as "less than 1/10th of an inch" and I wonder if he means per hour, per day, per week, or what?  I also see High surf advisory in effect from 5 am Sunday (that's tomorrow).

7:52 AM Have a short discussion with my wife about some news items she's reading in the paper.

7:54 AM Can't decide which to photo of the cat to use so put both of them into this blog. I don't have Adobe Photoshop on this computer, so I fire up Illustrator 10.0.3, and I combine the two photos.

8:00 AM The clock is chiming 8 times as I think about the teachers who taught me elementary math.

8:11 AM I notice the battery level on the laptop is 22% remaining. I'd better hurry.

8:13 AM I finish editing and previewing this blog, and post it.