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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suffixed Math

Yesterday we tackled a list of prefixes, short groups of letters that begin a word. Today we'll take a similar approach to a group of suffixes - short groups of letters that end a word.

Not all of these are commonly used in mathematical calculations, but these suffixes are common in the related fields of geometry, trigonometry, the other sciences, etc. If you want to be considered brainy, you need to know what they mean.

If I want to be considered brainy, I have to remember how to build animated GIFs. I forgot yesterday so my "animated brain" was stationary rather than active.

Please read through the list carefully - can you think of other suffixes that I missed?

-centenaryhundred yearsbicentennial (200th)
-gonnumber of interior anglespolygon, hexagon, etc
-gramline overwritten or drawn on tophexagram, 6-pointed star
-graphto draw, write or scratchangiograph, paragraph
-hedral, -onnumber of faces or surfacespolyhedral, hexahedron
-icrelated to arts or sciencesarithmetic
-lateralahead, before in line, first in orderequilateral
-logyto study; a body of knowledgetrilogy, ecology
-mentaction, skill or processassessment, alignment
-metrymeasuringgeometry, symmetry
-nomiala term in a math expression or formulapolynomial
-oidresembles, similar tospheroid, cuboid, android
-sectto cut, divide or connectintersect, bisect, trisect
-scopeto examine or viewmicroscope, kaleidoscope
-scribeto writetranscribe, circumscribe
-sphereglobe or ballhemisphere, 3-sphere

I think this will end my treatment of word prefixes and suffixes in the blog.

However, if you enjoyed it, go to this tremendous site.  The creator says:

"Vocabulary is at the core of literacy and the more extensive our vocabulary is, the greater will be the understanding of what we read and hear."

Type a prefix or suffix into his search box, hit ENTER and then click on the result to get a list of words.

While searching around for prefixes and suffixes, I found this great math sentence:

I have nothing more to say, because my mind grows number with each additional effort, and after eating a number of peppermint candies, my mouth has gotten number too.