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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1458 Items in a folder - is that too many?

Managing and cleaning up our computers is a drag, isn't it?

It's also a commonly-neglected task. Because I manage 6 computers, plus 2 mobile phones, my house-cleaning chores might be worse than most people's chores.

I did a quick survey this afternoon and discovered these numbers in various corners of my multiple Macs:
  • 1458 items in my Blog Artwork folder
  • 1118 Messages in InBox (this is my back-up, mail-catching machine)
  •   843 Messages in SentBox
  • 5173 Items, 15.7 days, 25.61 GB in my iTunes
I wanted to learn more about this machine, but when I chose the "explore this disc" option I got an error. Oops! Time for that deferred maintenance... need to repair the permissions on my computer.

I can't wait because I also got a message from Google that the blog image uploading will be down for two hours starting at 5 pm today - why? - they are doing maintenance!

Now I have moved and I am working on one of my other Macs. It says things like this:

Capacity :          232.6 GB (249,715,376,128 Bytes)
Free Space : 197.0 GB (211,498,024,960 Bytes)
Used :                  35.6 GB (38,217,351,168 Bytes)
Number of Files : 711,468
Number of Folders : 184,232

Doesn't it seem amazing that there can be

Seven hundred eleven thousand, four hundred sixty-eight files?
Spread across one hundred eighty-four thousand, two hundred thirty-two folders?

Simple division in my head suggests that's only about 4 files in each folder. Maybe I don't want to have 1458 illustrations in my Blog Art folder.

Tomorrow I'll clean it up and report back!  (math never sleeps)

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