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Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Hundred seems like a lot

Since this blog is about math, let's look at a number today.


Three hundred equals three sets of tens. Or ten sets of thirty. It's a perfect score in bowling. A movie title.

All of these items have the number 300 in their file name in my clip art files - the Coptic symbol in the middle means 300.

Three Hundred has been the model name of many nice cars:

A High-Performance Chrysler (old style, when I was a kid!)

 A regular Chrysler (new style, when I am an old guy!)

 A few different Mercedes-Benzes; especially this beautiful Gull-wing model

 A Lexus with an IS at the front of its name

A Nissan with a Z at the end of its name

OK, I'm starting to exhaust your patience, already as I have almost exhausted myself. Why?  Today's post is my 300th in slightly more than 400 days.

In that time we have had roughly 12,000 unique visitors from 136 countries. A new country every 3 days! And 40 new people a blog, or 30 new people a day.

If it's your first visit, I write to remind you how grown-ups (like us) use the math we learned in school. This gives me a break from writing Excel Math curriculum. If you're in the USA and have a child or grandchild or local classroom that needs some help with their math, check out our website!

Thanks for stopping by!

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