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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mapping Out a Fond Farewell

Today we say goodbye and congratulations to ExcelMathMike. After over ten years with Excel Math, first as a consultant and then as managing editor, Mike is now retiring. He leaves behind an amazing amount of content and creativity in the Excel Math Curriculum as well as on this blog.

The Excel Math Curriculum for Kindergarten through grade six is brought to you by Ansmar Publishers. This curriculum was written and created by Janice Raymond and is a proven method to help kids of all abilities learn elementary math skills. Over the past ten years, it's been edited, revised and updated by ExcelMathMike, the managing editor. He has made the lessons easy for teachers to use while providing substantial math content for students at each age level. With over 50,000 math problems to his credit, let's take a look at his impressive numbers.

Mike has written . . .
  • 600 blog posts
  • 6650 pages of Teacher Edition lessons with answer keys
  • 2590 pages of Student Lesson sheets with CheckAnswers
  • 2220 pages of Spanish Student Lesson sheets 
  • 1860 projectable lessons
  • 400+ pages of Summer School Teacher Edition lessons
  • 525 pages of Summer School Student Lesson sheets
  • 252 pages of Manipulatives
  • 204 pages of Activities and Exercises
  • 50 Scope and Sequence pages
  • 46 Glossary pages 
  • 9 Placement Tests in English and Spanish
  • various scripts for editing computer files
  • numerous resources for teachers and parents
  • more website downloads than we can track

and has created . . .
  • 11,000 files for Excel Math Projectable Lessons
  • 9,000 files for print products  
  • 2649 image files for this blog
  • 700 files for
  • 160 files for the Excel Math webstore
  • 124 Stretch Questions
  • 120 Create A Problem exercises
  • 25 downloadable sample lesson pages
  • 30 pages of a Sample Packet
  • 20 movies 
  • Score Distribution and Grade Charts
  • more files than he'd care to admit

Not only has Mike been creating math curriculum, he's been making it accurate, teacher friendly, politically correct, organized, error free, relevant and age appropriate. Whew! This sounds a bit overwhelming. Good thing he's getting some well-deserved time off.

Here's an aerial view of the Excel Math office where Mike's been working:

Mike has already created a new blog so you can follow his exploits and view his numerous collections at Curating Cazalea. We wish him all the best in this exciting new phase of his life.

This blog at will continue with new writers and topics. Visit us again tomorrow when we take a hike to explore distance and altitude.