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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How many boxes? They weigh how much?

The continuing saga of using elementary math when we grow up ...

Some of our local customers like to pick up their Excel Math curriculum to save our 10% shipping fee. We're happy to help you if you'd like to do that.

Before you come, be sure to call and let us know so we can have the order assembled and ready to go. And just for fun, take a quick look at this 2-minute video. I admit the graphic and filmwork are not up to professional standards!

We have had moms come in to purchase a school's worth of curriculum using the PTA budget. They are always disappointed when we tell them we can't put boxes for 20 classrooms into their car.

How much could that order possibly weigh? they ask. About 25 pounds a box, I said in the video.

That's a good question for elementary math. If you've had Excel Math as a student, you would know how to solve this problem. Here's how I would do it.

How many boxes make up this order?
  • 2 for teacher editions and spare books
  • 9 sets of 22s = 18 boxes
  • 9 sets of 30s = 27 boxes
  • Total 47 boxes
How much weight does this order represent?
[I got some real weights from Dave, our supreme warehouse commander]
  • 6 Grades x 3 classes per grade = 18 classrooms x 2.5 lbs per Teacher Edition = 45 lbs
  • 3 Grades x 3 classes per grade x 22 kids per class = 9 x 56 lbs (22 set) = 504 lbs
  • 3 Grades x 3 classes per grade x 30 kids per class = 9 x 73 lbs (30 set) = 657 lbs
  • 6 Grades x 3 individual sets/grade extra (for newcomers) = 18 x 2.5 lbs = 45 lbs
  • Total weight 1251 lbs plus (if you want it on a pallet) 40 lbs = approx 1300 lbs
  • Driver and passenger (helper) at 150 lbs each = 300 lbs
    It will fit in a Ford Transit Connect van, with a maximum capacity of 1600 lbs. IF you and your helper don't have too much for lunch!

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