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Monday, May 10, 2010

How Many Numbers Do You Have?

Numbers are everywhere around us. Imagine what it would be like if you didn't understand numbers! You would be lost.

As I look around my house, the most visible appearance of numbers is on the keypads of our phones and television remotes. I decided to do a census and found lots of numbers staring back at me!

2 remotes for Samsung Monitors
1 remote for Sony television
1 remote for Sony DVD player
1 remote for stereo integrated amplifier
1 Sony short wave radio 0-9 keypad
3 Apple computer keyboards
1 Dell laptop keyboard
2 cordless telephones
2 mobile telephones
2 calculators
1 desktop telephone
1 wall-mount telephone
1 combination pad for garage door opener
1 keypad on microwave oven
1 keypad on regular oven
4 dials on stove
1 dial on toaster
1 dial on washing machine
1 dial on dryer
1 dial in refrigerator for temperature
1 scale on outdoor thermometer
1 dial on digital kitchen scale
1 dial on bathroom scale
1 number dial on wall thermostat
1 number dial on hot water heater
4 various scales on measuring cups
1 scale on syringe for measuring small amounts of liquid 
Number dials on most clock and watch dials

I'm exhausted just looking around - there's no end to the numbers.

Thank goodness I was taught how to work with them.
And I can help younger people learn 2 work with numbers 2.
So they know where and when to use 2, to, two, or too.

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