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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dies Natalis and Felix Anniversaria

Dies natalis is a Latin term that means birth day, but also implies the birth of an institution or a relationship, while Felix Anniversaria is the Google language translator's suggestion for Happy Anniversary.

Today is the anniversary of my marriage (wedding). The 36th anniversary, in fact. There is a whole list of long, complex words that describe anniversary dates, such as  Quinquagenary for a 50th anniversary. There's no such equivalent for 36th.

If you have an anniversary coming up, don't forget the card. And check this list, your anniversary might be on it:

        2nd   Biennial 
         3rd   Triennial 
         4th   Quadrennial 
         5th   Quinquennial 
         6th   Hexennial 
         7th   Septennial 
         8th   Octennial 
         9th   Novennial 
        10th   Decennial 
        11th   Hendecennial 
        12th   Duodecennial 
        13th   Tredecennial 
        15th   Quindecennial 
        16th   Sextodecennial 
        17th   Septendecennial 
        20th   Vigintennial 
        30th   Trigentennial 
        40th   Quadragennial 
        50th   Quinquagenary or Jubilee 
        60th   Sexagennial 
        70th   Septuagennial 
        75th   Septuagesiquintennial 
        80th   Octogintennial 
        90th   Nonagintennial 
       100th   Centennial 

As they say in Icelandic: ánægð afmæli.

If you want to give me an gift for the occasion, the appropriate material is Bone china. We have both Noritake "Norma" and Lenox "Tuxedo", should you care to match our existing sets. I doubt I will receive any china though, because last year I didn't get any Jade gifts. Look here for the list.

Here are a few wedding photos (family and friends) I found in my iPhoto database today. Remember we didn't have digital cameras back in those days .... I'll leave it to you to decide which wedding was mine.

I have to get out of here and get my anniversary celebration going!