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Monday, April 5, 2010

Did You Feel It?

I don't really focus this blog on current events, but it's hard to focus when the ground is shaking!

There was a moderately-strong earthquake yesterday, centered about 100 miles east of us. Here's a view of the region, showing the locations of the 73,786 people who have contacted the US Geological Service about the quake:

The quake was about 7.2 in intensity, and originated near the star on the map. It's a sparsely populated area in northern Mexico. Geologists are still working to determine the exact location.

To learn more about earthquakes in the USA and other countries, you can visit Did You Feel It? - a site run by the Geological Survey to collect data about earthquakes.

To learn more about the math of earthquakes, you can read this Excel Math story in Sixth Grade:
(Click the image for a larger version)

We didn't have any damage here at Excel Math (that we have noticed so far).

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